About Us

OVERKILL RADIO is the product of like-minded, METAL loving radio DJs who wish to OVERKILL THE AIRWAVES! This was made possible by a group effort of college radio alumni and internet radio alumni across the nation! To us, the term “OVERKILL” has two meanings: First, it’s the passion we have in giving the listener an entertaining and unique experience; with killer tunes, killer commentary, and killer creativity in our shows! We go over the top to give the listener the whole OVERKILL! Second, our music format features every single sub-genre of METAL on the planet! A whole OVERKILL of thousands of METAL tracks unleashed onto the airwaves! Our overnight format features SYNTHWAVE: a new music genre with a cult following in the metal community that we are helping give a push! Tune in for a unique underground music format not heard anywhere else.

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