Program Schedule 
All Programs are in central time.


The Saw’s Butcher Shop - 5 PM to 7 PM


“Your one and only place to hear the heaviest METAL on the planet! Your Master Butcher, The Saw, will take you on a long and painful journey through her House of Horrors in which the slaughter plays out in different genres! You will be begging to be six feet deep once the torment is all said and done"






The Shred Shack - 7 PM to 10 PM


“The Shred Shack is a national heavy metal podcast run by personalities from Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania. With over 100 episodes under their belt, Dan and Chris Mac talk all things heavy metal, as well as promote local/underground bands through the “Shred Shack Sound Sharing Show”. PLUS some dabbling in horror, pop culture, and pro wrestling!”



Texas Metal Roadtrip - 7 PM to 10 PM



“A show dedicated to showcasing local METAL from all over the great State of Texas! From San Antonio to Dallas, from Austin to Houston, from El Paso to Alice, from Plano to Corpus Christi, this show takes you deep into the heart of Texas METAL and plays hundreds of different artists! Saddle up and lock and load with DJ Lunchbox for a Texas Metal Roadtrip!”




Jake The Ripper’s Metal Onslaught

 7 PM to 10 PM


“It’s all in the title, bringing you an onslaught of METAL with play by play and color commentary from yours truly….. Jake The Ripper!” Every week this show delivers a combination of killer tunes, comedy, metal news, and special segments! It’s all killer with no filler during the onslaught!”




Glam Slam - 7 PM to 10 PM


“A throwback show dedicated to a long time ago on the Sunset Strip far, far, away. Start your weekend off partying up to some 80’s glam metal! From the MTV era hits (not the ballads), to obscure tunes that Hair Nation doesn’t even play! This show might make you want to put on some spandex and hairspray…..or smash up a hotel room!”


Future Shows Coming to OVERKILL RADIO:


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