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“Jake The Ripper interviews Athenar, the mastermind behind the blackened speed metal band, Midnight. Topics include musical influences, signing with Metal Blade Records, Hell’s Heroes Festival, and success as a one man project.”







“Pat of The Shred Shack had the opportunity to speak with Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and British Lion. Steve speaks about British Lion itself, the forthcoming album “The Burning” and their live performances.”





“Jake The Ripper interviews Art Villarreal, guitarist of many classic south Texas metal bands: S.A. Slayer, Militia, Juggernaut, Karion, and the Texas Metal Legion supergroup. Topics include the legacy of S.A. Slayer, the impact that San Antonio radio DJ, Joe “The Godfather” Anthony had on rock and heavy metal music, and touring in Europe.”





“In a interview from 2017, Pat of The Shred Shack spoke with the late, great Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom. Topics include touring, the first four albums of Children of Bodom’s discography, and Alexi’s other band, Sinergy.


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The Eagle of Six Feet Under Interviews:


Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies Talks New Single with Overkill Radio


Los Angeles based Butcher Babies have released their first new music of 2023, and it rocks. Not since Eyeless by Slipknot has the world heard such a manic, frantic, and insane heavy metal song. From start to finish Beaver Cage walks the line between death and nu metal providing a sonic journey of screams, clean vocals, and shredding guitar riffs. Overkill Radio is lucky enough to have had The Eagle sit down with Carla Harvey and talk about the new track! When asked what went into writing the new track Harvey explained, “Henry wrote the guitar parts and then Heidi and I actually made a dance to the song before we wrote it, so we knew it would be a banger,” 

This single is the buildup to an album to be released in 2023, the first since 2017. Apparently, this single puts fans very close to hearing the new album, which may sound slightly different than the music fans have grown accustomed to. On evolution as an artist Harvey says, “You evolve any time you put something out…Beaver Cage is about experiencing the party of a lifetime, whatever that means to you,”  When asked about possibly throwing new songs into a set list it seems that Butcher Babies will have a healthy balance of new music and old songs. “The new songs are frantic and fun to play, but if you play all new songs fans will be wanting the classics,” Closing out with a fun question The Eagle had to ask his trademark, “if we went to a zoo right now what animal would you see first?” Eliciting a quick response of “I would go see monkeys, my entire Instagram is videos of monkeys,”

In addition to new Butcher Babies music, and a big announcement coming out today March 21, Carla Harvey and Charlie Benate will be presenting a duo art gallery in Los Angeles in April. Be sure to follow Carla Harvey and Butcher Babies on Instagram at “carlaharvey” and “butcherbabies” to stay updated on the latest Butcher Babies news.

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